I’ve heard that competitive dancing makes for a better dancer. What is ucwdc competitioncompetitive dancing?

Competitive dancing is for those who love to dance and who want to take their dance to the next level. Anyone and any dance ability can compete. There are many levels of dance competition from new dancers up to the experienced professional level. There are even different age divisions that you can choose to compete in. You can choose to compete in ‘Open Division’ (all ages), or compete in an  Age Division (30 year old, 40 year old, 50 year old, etc.). You can also choose to compete in different dances and styles of dance. If you have a partner you may choose to dance as a Couple or if you are single you may choose to dance as a Pro-Am with your instructor.

Competitive Dancing can be done locally, or you can choose to travel throughout North America and see new places and make new friends in the dance community.

What is Pro-Am?

Pro-Am is danced by an AMateur student with his/her PROfessional dance instructor, therefore you DO NOT NEED A PARTNER. Only the amateur is judged based on how well he/she meets the standards for their division and level. Each division/level is judged by certified professionals and the awards/standings are based on a medal system (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.). Have you been watching “Dancing With the Stars?” This competition is a Pro-Am competition, where the Amateur is a celebrity that is teamed up with a Professional dancer/instructor.

I love to line dance. Can you win a championship in line dancing?img_2463

Absolutely! UCWDC includes line dancing. You can start from beginning level all the way up to advanced. And, there are all kinds of different styles to choose from! A fun way to take your line dancing to a whole other level…and you don’t even need a partner!

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